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It’s a pleasure to meet you all! Welcome to PassionateMoms. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by for a visit.

About Me & My Family:

My name is Sindhuja a.k.a Suja Dinesh, super excited mom to a hoppin’ kiddo living in Connecticut, USA, and origin from Tamilnadu, India. I’m happily married and nothing excites me more than being a mom. I enjoy every second of what I do with my family. My little munchkin “Rithyaa(Laddu)” and my husband “Dinesh Kumar (Dinu)” are my biggest blog supporters. My daughter understands my blogging schedule with huge patience and she is so cooperative. My husband always stands by my side and supports each crazy idea. Without them, I couldn’t have traveled my blogging journey this long.

My Interests & Hobbies:

I am an avid reader, creator, writer, movie buff, lover of blogs and bloggers. Also, I am a crafty person and an amateur chef. I  love to create handmade items since my childhood.  Being creative is not only fun but also gives me a sense of satisfaction of creating something from the scratch. For me, crafting and cooking both are the same. I see cooking as creating some edible DIY project. Trying out new recipes and surprising my family is one of my favorite hobbies.

I am a movie buff and I love binge watching my favorite series on Netflix. The days I choose to take leave from blogging will be mostly spent with my family or on my couch snuggling and watching TV. Reading blogs is one of favorite activity which got serious when I was expecting my kid. The blogs, especially from mommy bloggers, offered me a comforting assurance that I am not alone in the motherhood journey. Reading the stories and experiences of each mom with twists and turns just like in my own life was motivating.

My inspiration for starting this journey:

I always believe in “being real” which is not possible for many women once they become a mother. For being a perfect mom we don’t need to throw our dreams on the back burner. But still in this competitive world, knowing the effort of each Mom who put themselves out there and never gives up is inspiring and I have all the respect in the world for them.

Therefore my passion to work for the rights of women inspired me to start this blog. Through Passionate Moms, I hope to promote the nobility of motherhood and motivate women to follow their dreams and support them with the toughest job of raising value-oriented children. Consequently, I try to deliver one of a kind inspiring and informative posts about, parenting, cooking, writing, and DIY crafts tutorials. Thanks for all your support for encouraging me to continue doing this. I hope some of what I do helps inspire others to pursue their passion and make them realize it’s not too late.

Aside from all the posts I have published on my own site, I also write regularly for Collective Voice Magazine and Raising World Children. I’ve also guest blogged for many fellow bloggers. Click here to check out my other articles.

I would love to get to know you more, too, so feel free to leave an introduction and link to your blog, if you have one!If you have any questions, kindly use the comment section of the page or you can email me at [email protected] Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.