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It’s a pleasure to meet you all ! Welcome to PassionateMoms.

First of all, I would like to thank you for showing interest in knowing about me.I’m a super excited mom living in Connecticut ,USA and origin from Tamilnadu. I’m happily married and nothing excites me more than being a mom. I enjoy every second of what I do with my family.As like most of the women, I never entered kitchen until I got married.I still remember calling my mom and mother in law for preparing simple recipes like chutney. I came here with a recipe note (collection of my mother in law and mom’s recipes) which helped me to successfully cross the initial days of my cooking.But now I understood the art of cooking.It’s very simple”there is always trial and error method” which perfectly implies in the kitchen.However,I am still an amateur chef at home but still loves to surprise my family by trying new recipes.

Not only cooking,I am a bit of a crafty person who loves to create handmade items since my childhood. Being alone as a homemaker once my husband leaves to work made me engage more in the craft work and that’s how I am skilled on it a lot more.Now my little princess “Rithyaa” and my hubby “Dinesh” is helping me in running this site.Without them, I couldn’t be who I am now. I started this site purely for my own satisfaction.But now I believe this site is not only for my own satisfaction it is also geared towards helping and inspiring all women & moms to build their home with lots of love and affection and lead a stylish life in an affordable way. Not to mention, this site provides enormous insights about healthy parenting and some simple tips from the parents themselves.I am here to share my thoughts and passion towards cooking,crafting & parenting in a simpler way. Thanks for all your support for encouraging me to share all my thoughts in the face of PassionateMoms.

If you have any question , kindly use the comment section of the page or you can mail me at [email protected] Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.

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