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Cupcake Stand DIY | How to do a cupcake stand in 5$

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Cupcakes are hard to resist especially when mind and heart are filled with celebration mood, who can say NO to cupcakes. Nowadays these miniature cakes are super hit regardless of any party or celebration. The one thing I love about cupcakes is, it’s size.Yes, I am a damn sweet tooth so I might end up with eating a whole cake. These cupcakes are my savior on controlling my obsession and eating a couple of cupcakes satisfies me.

With this remarkable dessert in the party menu, serving the dish in a more appealing way is very important.Being a crafty mom how can I forgive me in spending bucks for a cupcake stand so decided to make one myself. This is not my own idea, well I found this idea on Pinterest and I just enhanced it with adding a bowl on the top with suckers/lollypop. This so simple, you can just observe and start doing by looking at the image.I bought all the materials in Dollar stores and I am sure it will be available in most of the craft stores too.

Materials Required:

  1. Glass Candle Stand – 2 (I bought in dollar store)
  2. Plastic plates – 2 (if using paper plates you can stick a bunch of plates together and use it as one plate)
  3. Plastic bowl -1(small size)
  4. Rhinestone Ribbon for decoration(bought in dollar tree)
  5. DryFoam used in floral arrangements( Bought round shape)
  6. Super glue(Used for pasting glasses, not the normal school glue)
  7. Cupcake sticks and Lollypop(suckers, sticky pop) as per the theme.


  • Glue the candle stand over the center of the plastic plate and allow it to dry.
  • Mark the center of another plate and glue the bottom part of the plate to the upper part of the candle stand.SO that now you can see candle stand in between two plates.
  • Now again paste another candle stand upside down over the recently pasted plate.Here candle stand is upside down so that the bowl can stand balanced on the bottom part of the candle stand.
  • At last, glue the bowl on top of the cupcake stand. Wait for the setup to completely dry.
  • Take the rhinestone ribbon and measure the circumference of the plate and cut it.Now apply glue all over the plates side face and paste the ribbon.
  • I made this for my daughter’s Jungle Theme Bday Party Decoration so I ordered animal faces suckers and animal cupcake sticks from Oriental Trading.
  • Place the cupcake sticks on each cupcake.Cut the dry foam in semi-circle shape and place it inside the bowl.Pin the suckers on the foam for an upright position.
  • Place the decorated cupcakes on this lovely irresistible cupcake stand and surprise your guests.


I love to share the image which inspired me to create a new DIY cupcake for my daughter’s birthday with some more enhancement.

Tips :

  • If plates are very weightless and thin it may not hold the cupcake.So paste the thin plates together and then glue with the candle stand.
  • You can decorate the sides even with any color satin ribbon or anything related to your theme.

Happy Crafting!!!

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    • suja Reply

      Yes Deepa, its very easy and cheap. Most interesting part is you can customize it depending on the birthday theme.